Why Become a Pilates Instructor?

There is an increasing demand for qualified Pilates teachers worldwide!

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We may be biased, but we think you’d be hard pressed to find a better career than being a Pilates teacher.Not only is teaching Pilates extremely rewarding, sociable and well-compensated, but it’s an incredibly positive and life-affirming way to earn a living too.

And – unlike other jobs – training and working as a Pilates teacher is remarkably flexible, easily fitting in around the other passions and commitments in your life. You even have the opportunity of being your own boss, which means you get to control the work-life balance in exactly the way you want.

The health and wellness industry continues to grow rapidly, increasing demand for qualified Pilates teachers worldwide.

“Becoming a Pilates teacher is a very rewarding and satisfying career “

You have what it takes to be a Pilates teacher!

If you’re reading this, then we’re pretty sure the answer is already ‘Yes!’ We believe that anyone can become a Pilates teacher if they have the motivation and the passion.

Pilates isn’t just for the fit and flexible. It’s for normal people – be they young, elderly, male, female, slim, overweight, pregnant, injured, advanced or a total newbie.

”Pilates isn’t just for the fit and flexible!”

Likewise, Pilates teachers are normal people too. You don’t have to be skinny, well-coordinated or super fit. You don’t even have to be a Pilates expert.

The only real pre-requisite to becoming a Pilates teacher is that you’re good with people and you want to learn!

There are no rules to following a career in Pilates. Everyone arrives at it with a different background and perspective, each with their own unique set of experiences and objectives.

In fact, you may be surprised how a lot of Pilates teachers start out.

Many come to it after surgery or injury when they discover the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates for themselves and decide to re-train as a teacher in order to share their discoveries and help others. Some people choose to teach Pilates part time around their office day jobs as a way of balancing out their sedentary lifestyles and earning some extra money at the same time. Whilst others may come to it later in life, some even after retirement!

That’s the beauty of teaching Pilates – it all starts with you and what you want to get out of it.

“Re-train as a Pilates teacher and make a positive impact on someone’s life”

What is the typical work schedule of a Pilates teacher?”

Okay, we admit it – that’s a trick question. You see, there is no typical work schedule!

Being a Pilates teacher is a truly flexible career. It’s all completely up to you – when you work, where you work and with whom. You might have ambitions to open your own studio, or set up in partnership with a friend. Or maybe you’d rather be employed by a gym, health club or existing studio.

You may prefer to work with individual clients on a one-to-one basis instead of group classes, or perhaps you’d like a mixture of everything.

Additionally, you might wish to specialise in particular area of interest such as back-pain, pregnancy or Pilates for the elderly, teenagers or runners.

Teaching Pilates can be moulded to fit your lifestyle choices, commitments and limitations, whatever they may be.

“Being a Pilates teacher is a truly flexible career”

If you’re a parent this might mean only working during school-hours and in term times. Or perhaps you need to fit your teaching around your day job. If you’re a dancer, actor or other sort of creative artist, teaching Pilates can be the perfect way to earn money between jobs. And if you’re already working as a massage therapist, physio or nutritionist etc, Pilates teaching can easily fit into your existing schedule and offers an excellent addition to your overall client care package.

In fact, this versatility is exactly why so many people decide to train to become a Pilates teacher – to live a life of choice, freedom and to earn a living based on their own terms.

How much can you earn as a Pilates teacher?

Depending on where, when and the type of work you do, you can make great money as a Pilates teacher, earning between £20-£60 per hour outside London and even more inside London. And if you work hard and manage to get your own studio, the possibilities are limitless.

”Earn between £20-£60 per hour… more if you’re in London!”

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Course Dates

Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork

The course dates are:

Brighton winter Course Dates 2020

  • 25th and 26th January 2020
  • 7th March and 8th March 2020
  • 28th and 29th March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 18th April 2020

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London Autumn Course Dates 2020

  • 1st and 2nd February 2020
  • 29th February and 1st March 2020
  • 21st and 22nd March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 25th April 2020

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Fundamental Pilates studio equipment course

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