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brighton pilates training reviews

Carolynn is a great teacher. I found the course enjoyable and informative . I felt confident by the end of the course to go out and teach pilates straight away.
I look forward to continuing my Pilates career with Tula by moving on to the reformer and equipment course

Judith Koller - Jan 2019

Studying to become a Pilates instructor was a real dream of mine and an ambition that I was determined to fulfil. Carolyn was such an amazing teacher and taught me the necessary skills to become a professional and competent practitioner. I would recommend Tula Training to anyone who wants to become a Pilates instructor. I feel as though I have had the best training and now, as a qualified mat work instructor, I feel as though I can teach Pilates at a high standard. That is all down to Carolyn and the team at Tula Training.

Katy Peachey – May 2018

I was able to easily fit the course around my current job. The Tutor was very knowledgeable and friendly and got us practising our teaching from the start which prepared us well for our final teaching assessment.

Suzanne Morley – May 2018

I can not recommend this course enough. It was a reasonable price, the paperwork was clear and easy to follow. I really liked the mix up of practical and written. Carolyn goes out of her way to help, the support and knowledge was fantastic. Thank you.

Zoe Georges – May 2018

I have learnt so much in the past 6 months in training for my level 3 Pilates mat work with Tula Training. The course is actually pretty challenging and requires a lot of dedication and commitment, but it is totally worth it! Carolyn is an excellent teacher, she has such a high standard when it comes to precision and doing the exercises correctly, her hands on correction and explanation really helped me improve my own Pilates technique considerably and has given me a much better understanding of the key teaching points that I am now able to bring to my own teaching approach.
I would definitely recommend Tula Training!

Joanne Gray – May 2018

Tula Training helped me gain the knowledge I needed to become a safe and encouraging Pilates Teacher. As the course requires teaching while training a lot of my students are now enjoying the fruits of all the knowledge I acquired during the course.

Adriana Kuhlman – May 2018

Carolyn has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. She is a very positive tutor and I have very much enjoyed the Level 3 Pilates Mat Teacher Training Course with her.


Since passing my Pilates level 3 I am teaching four classes, two 1-2-1 sessions and currently setting up my own class in a hall.

Tula Pilates training has given me a new way of training my client to improve posture, core strength and mind and body experience.

Carolyn and her staff are outstanding delivering excellent Pilates teacher training. I felt supported throughout my training and their standard is extremely high.

I feel I have gained the best training, to enable me to teach Pilates at a high standard. I completely recommend Tula Training if you want excellent Pilates teacher training.

Tina Virgo (Personal Trainer/Pilates teacher)

I cannot praise the teaching or delivery of the training more highly. Carolyn Bailey is an amazing tutor, the group had the benefit of her extensive knowledge and years of experience, which provided us with a sound foundation for our learning and practice.

The course provides opportunities for professional teaching practice at the Pilates in Brighton studio, along with exemplar classes from experienced instructors, which were invaluable. I would recommend Tula Training to anyone with a desire to teach Pilates, I am now a qualified mat work instructor, which is something that I had dreamed of but didn’t believe was possible.

Karen Manghan

The Pilates Instructors Course at Tula Training in Brighton was fantastic. This is a really comprehensive course which includes the history and evolution of Pilates; anatomy and physiology; in-depth study of Pilates exercises and movements and how these work on various parts of the body; the implications of teaching vulnerable individuals or groups; and how to teach a class and ensure that it is challenging, safe and fun.

All in three long weekends and lots and lots of home study and practice. The style of training was professional yet informal, serious yet hugely enjoyable – and there were lots of opportunities to practice teaching. The selection of trainees was really good and the overall atmosphere extremely supportive.
I have just finished the Pilates teaching training course I only wish we had filmed students at the beginning and the end of the course. The transformation in teaching was incredible, confidence grew, bodies changed and enthusiasm and knowledge of the principles and fundamentals of pilates were embraced.

A joy to spend time with people who want to encourage and share a passion for Pilates in order to help others.


This pilates teacher training course was excellent. It was a lot of information to take in and Carolyn’s encouraging but honest teaching approach was wonderful. As I hadn’t taught before the teaching practice for me was invaluable. I learned a lot from having honest critical feed.


There was lots of encouragement complemented by constructive criticism – and a sensible recognition of the difference between the classroom and the real world. Overall – a great course and one that I’d recommend highly to anyone contemplating becoming a Pilates instructor!

Lou Perrotta

Carolyn Bailey is an amazing teacher & I cannot believe how much we’ve learned in a relatively short time. She was very supportive & always available if I had any queries.
The course is very comprehensive & completely prepares you to become a caring & professional teacher.

Janet Greenfield – Dec 2017

For me, studying to become a Pilates instructor was a step way outside my comfort zone. Luckily Pilates Instructors Course at Tula Training in Brighton provided me with a structured but nurturing environment within which to develop the necessary skills as well as to handle the sometimes intensive coursework required. I feel fully prepared now to take the plunge into professional Pilates instruction and already have clients lining up and a Pilates studio willing to take me on.

James Lovegrove – Dec 2017

I really wanted to train as a Pilates Instructor but not having any experience in teaching I was nervous when I signed up for the course. I was given full support every step of the way and Carolyn supported me all along with constructive comments on my teaching, I felt I have transformed after finishing the course and I feel confident to take the experience and everything I have learnt on board to start a new career. The team at Tula Training provided proper communication at all times and all materials and paperwork were processed smoothly.
Highly recommended for your training if you want to go down this route and qualify as a Pilates Instructor.

Vita Goodwin – Dec 2018

Carolyn’s knowledge and encouragement throughout the course were exemplary. She imbued confidence in all the trainees and prepared us well for teaching. Her expertise in Pilates modifications and adjustments enabled us to improve our own practice as well as build greater awareness of the purpose and benefits of the exercises. This is a course that dedicates time to learning through doing.

Sam Titteron – Dec 2018

The Pilates instructors course with tula training was brilliant!! Carolyn is an amazing teacher with years of experience and extensive knowledge. Although the course is pretty challenging at times, it is a lot of fun and really enjoyable. I would recommend this course if your want excellent Pilates instructors training.

Patrick Queen - Dec 2018

Carolyn does an amazing job of translating the Active IQ into practice. She gives a supportive and relaxed atmosphere which really helps to boost confidence. She also gives us lots of useful incites
into how to practically teach the general public, ie, what it’s like in real life, and she is generous with her time, Thank you so much!

Lucy Paffard - Dec 2018

The Pilates equipment course was excellent, well run from a beautifully equipped studio. Carolyn is a fantastic trainer with so much expertise and a real passion for Pilates; she passes on her enthusiasm
throughout the course as well as her considerable knowledge. I feel ready to teach on the Pilates equipment. I recommend Tula Training – this is my second course from them.

Katy Stewart – Nov 2018 (Pilates Equipment Course)

What a great course. The relaxed way of teaching did not make you lazy but inspired you to do your best to please such a lovely teacher. I have never had such a natural teacher. I think anyone would be delighted to train with Carolyn.

I learnt so much from her. I am now keen to enroll on all her courses. She has set a high standard for all other trainers of pilates to follow. I have had the pleasure of attending lots of different training courses for CPD points. However, Carolyn was the best.

Nancy Procter – Nov 2018 (Pilates Equipment Course)

Course Dates

Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork

The course dates are:

Brighton winter Course Dates 2020

  • 25th and 26th January 2020
  • 7th March and 8th March 2020
  • 28th and 29th March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 18th April 2020

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London Autumn Course Dates 2020

  • 1st and 2nd February 2020
  • 29th February and 1st March 2020
  • 21st and 22nd March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 25th April 2020

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Fundamental Pilates studio equipment course

2020 Dates TBA