Appeals Procedure

Tula Training Appeals Procedure

The purpose of an appeals procedure is to ensure that every learner who is not satisfied with the outcome of an assessment decision has the right to appeal against the decision that has been made.

The appeals procedure applies to any learner following completion of an Active IQ qualification at Tula Training Ltd and provides learners with a formal route to appeal against a decision.


Tula Training Ltd’s learners will be assessed against Active IQ published criteria, and the assessments will be fully compliant with Active IQ’s policy on reasonable adjustments and special considerations. The assessors will hold or be working towards any of the following:

  • Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (QCF) or
  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (QCF) or
  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (QCF) or
  • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (QCF), or
  • A1 (previously D32, D33)

Throughout the assessment process Tula Training Ltd will comply fully with Active IQ’s policy on reasonable adjustments and special considerations that can be found at

In addition Tula Training Ltd will ensure that assessors:

  • Possess a discipline specific qualification equivalent to the qualification being taught
  • Have relevant industry experience
  • Demonstrate active involvement in a process of industry relevant Continued Professional

Development during the last two years

All new Tula Training Ltd assessors will be given a clear action plan for achieving the appropriate qualification(s) and should be countersigned by an appropriately qualified individual until the qualification(s) are achieved.

Tula Training Appeals Procedure allows students to make a formal appeal against a decision relating to:

  • The final overall assessment decision
  • The mark for an individual item of coursework
  • The result of any element of assessment

Grounds to Appeal

An appeal maybe made if the student feels that :

  1. The was improper or unsuitable behavior on the part of the assessor.
  2. The learners performance during the assessment was affected by “extenuating” circumstances.
  3. During any part of the assessment process and administration error occurred.
  4. The assessments did not conform with the Active IQ published criteria.

Outcome of Appeal

  1. The mark for an individual item of coursework is amended
  2. The result of a practical or an evaluation is amended.
  3. The overall result is amended
  4. The learner is given the opportunity to retake the particular part of the assessment that they have appealed against.

Tula Training Ltd’s commitment

Course participants will be informed prior to live/ recorded assessments.

Learners please note

As stated in our Learners Manual, every individual has the responsibility to informTula Training and the Assessor prior to assessment if a medical issue has the potential to affect their performance. This is in order for the School and the Assessor to make a fully informed decision, and, if necessary, an appropriate action plan regarding the particular learner.

Investigating appeals is very problematic without the presence of impartial evidence. Therefore appeals in the context of live observed assessments will only be considered when accompanied by a suitable video recording.

As a learner at Tula Training you will be able to use a video recording as long as it does not adversely affect the assessment process, allows the assessor to carry out their role and does not contravene the venue or the organization’s rules and regulations. The learner must make suitable arrangements to arrange a video operator.

Stages of the Appeals Process

The Lead staff member with responsibility for Assessment Appeals is Tula Training Ltd’s appropriately qualified Internal Verifier.

Stage 1

– The learner should make their appeal via the Centre Co-Coordinator, allowing 10 working days for the IV to respond.

Stage 2

– If settlement has not been reached, the Centre will contact the IV – who will review the appeal and respond with 10 working days. ( if the IV is not present or cannot resolve the matter, go to stage 3)

Stage 3

– A written appeal should be made by the learner directly to the Head of QA at Active IQ. The Head of QA will investigate thoroughly and respond within 14 days

Stage 4

– If the learner’s reasons for not accepting the decision of Active IQ’s Head of Quality Assurance are appropriate, the learner will be offered a formal appeals hearing which will take place within 6 weeks and will be conducted by an appeals panel comprising:

  • An independent appeal board member
  • The director of quality and standards Active IQ
  • The head of quality assurance Active IQ
  • A senior manager representing the centre
  • A chairperson employed by the Awarding Body

Tula Training Ltd note – fees

A nominal administrative charge of £30 will be made for handling appeals that progress beyond Stage 1 if the appeal is not upheld.

Download Appeals Policy

Course Dates

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The course dates are:

Brighton winter Course Dates 2020

  • 25th and 26th January 2020
  • 7th March and 8th March 2020
  • 28th and 29th March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 18th April 2020

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London Autumn Course Dates 2020

  • 1st and 2nd February 2020
  • 29th February and 1st March 2020
  • 21st and 22nd March 2020
  • Exam/Assessment day – 25th April 2020

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