6 Ways Becoming a Pilates Teacher Can Change Your Life Forever

Becoming a pilates teacher is a big decision that brings enormous benefits to your health, well-being and lifestyle. So how life changing is it? We asked our crew of expert pilates teachers to explain in their own words how becoming a pilates instructor changed their lives forever and how it could change yours too!

#:1 I can do everything like surfing and yoga as I’m pain-free!

I trained to become a pilates teacher as pilates has transformed my life, after suffering with a bad back and not being able to move and being in constant pain, pilates had made such a great improvement on my back and the pain, that I decide I wanted to be able to offer the same for others.

I love teaching pilates as I have such a range of clients from young to old and each class we have fun and I can really see great improvement in their movement ability. It makes it worthwhile when you see how it is helping them and from them too when they realise they have improved and can feel that they have become aware how the body can move.

My life has definitely improved since discovering pilates as I am no longer in pain, and I can do everything I want to do like surfing and yoga as I am pain-free. Teaching pilates also keeps me practicing and looking after my own body and I am lucky to work at Pilates in Brighton where I have other great teachers to continue to learn from. – Keri -pilates teacher

#:2 Become a body guide

“Being a Pilates teacher is very rewarding as you have to think on your feet and you act as a kind of “body guide” if you like guiding your clients to be much more connected to themselves and to find more effective ways to move. – Lynn Amanda Staff – Pilates Instructor

#:3 Find your Inner Strength and Inspiration

“After working in the dance and fitness industry training to be a Pilates teacher was a natural progression for me. I am passionate about movement and through Pilates have found an inner strength and more fluid way of moving. In my Pilates classes I am always looking to inspire my clients and it’s incredibly rewarding seeing your clients bodies change as they progress. I believe in a high quality level of teaching with great attention to technique and detail, and most importantly to help people feel the wonderful benefits of Pilates. ” – Helen Douglas – Pilates Trainer

#:4 Never stop learning

Becoming a pilates teacher - Benji

“I became a Pilates instructor because the discipline had always served me so well as a dancer. I love teaching movement and because of this it seemed the most natural progression. I am fitter, more in-tune and much more aware of mine and other people’s physical abilities. My quality of life is much better now I have an understanding of how to manage aches and pains. Discussing mental and physical ailments with my clients constantly opens new doors as to why we have these issues and offers solutions as to how we can solve them. We never stop learning!

The utmost joy I get from a client who no longer has the chronic pain they have suffered from for years, is magical. To see the relief and happiness on their faces is truly awe-inspiring! I have seen great courage and strength shown by people regaining control over their lives, albeit physical or mental. This has gifted them with a beautiful new lease of life, that so many of us yearn for in this challenging and sometimes over-whelming world in which we live.” – Benji – Dancer/Pilates teacher

#:5 A rewarding and a gratifying responsibility

“People put their bodies in your hands when you are a pilates instructor. It is a rewarding and a gratifying responsibility. To watch your clients improve their body awareness, pain management and inner strength over weeks, months and years is a precious gift to give. After a day of teaching, I come home elevated in the knowledge that what I have done may help people in their day-to-day lives, and that is why I teach. To be a pilates instructor, I believe you should never stop learning either. The body is such a fascinating vehicle, and makes it so that the job always stays interesting and ever-changing.” Heather Hoffman – Pilates Teacher.

#:6 I become a Pilates teacher through an injury!

max lobatto pilates teacher

“I really came to become a Pilates teacher through an injury! I came across Pilates whilst trying to find something to help me to rehabilitate and strengthen after surgery. I have been involved movement through martial arts and contact sports for most of my life and when I came across the Pilates method I was amazed at how it healed and strengthened both my body and mind. I was fascinated in learning how the body works and moves, plus being able to communicate and teach Pilates to people.

So when you are able to help and pass on, this amazing method or ‘Corrective Exercise’ as Joseph Pilates called it to a client who is suffering from an injury, has bad posture or just wants a good base of strength, control and confidence for whatever interests they have, it is truly magnificent. As a teacher, through helping clients receive the benefits from Pilates you will constantly learn and discover new things about the amazing human body and movement, which is a constant joy.

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